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My vision of sculpture has been gathered from my more than 30 years as a professional sculptor.  To me, sculpture-making has become not only a profession, but also a life-long spiritual search.  This personal importance influences my approach. The materials used are significant, but not the overriding issue in terms of creation of sculpture.  Idea is important, as is form.  To me, the ideal sculpture is a marriage of form, idea, and skill.  Many of my ideas stem from my interest in anthropology and ethnology. 

I like to try to incorporate external cultural ideas into my own work, in effect creating new and unique ideas and forms.  In particular, older non-western cultural art forms can be a springboard for new ideas. What motivates our contemporary society will not be significantly different than what motivated peoples of the past or of different cultures than my own…or will it?  These are some of the questions that may be asked in this context.
I believe that form itself has a more universal, cross-cultural understanding.  Those forms that appealed to ancient civilizations may well appeal to the contemporary viewer. 

Thus I often look to ancient sculpture in my sculpture-making, incorporating and examining them in reference to my own artwork. Although I am passionate about the creation of any size sculpture, public spaces have been an ideal venue for me, as they allow my work ongoing access to a broad audience, as well as the opportunity to work with large-scale pieces.  Placing sculpture in public settings needs sensitivity to location and immediate cultural reference.

With a passion for form –

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