Reclining Venus

Reclining Venus

Though the years, Venus has been a reoccurring subject in the world of art, drawing inspiration from renowned artists, among them the Renaissance masters Botticelli, Giorgone or Artemisia Gentileschi, who painted a sleeping Venus in a Baroque setting.

Actually, the renowned Canadian sculptor Jock Hildebrand has given this subject a new connotation, re-interpreting the Venus in his own unique language. The head of Hildebrand’s Venus sits on a massive neck base. The head seems to be twisted straight. The sculpture is composed of individual, organic shape elements, but by no means resolves the outline or identity of the sitting person.

Jock Hildebrand’s current work, Reclining Venus, suggests a symbiotic relationship between figure and landscape. The landscape, as well as the anatomical features, suggest an influence from Henry Moore, who has been influenced by the landscape, but also by ancient Mexican Chac Mool figures.

– Excerpt from an article in a book about Hildebrand sculpture​ entitled ”RECLINING VENUS and other unknown Beings of Jock Hildebrand” by Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund


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