Your Thoughts Can Set You Free

Your Thoughts Can Set You Free

This piece was a true adventure in sculpture.

Completed in the fall of 2005 during Hildebrand’s second trip to Chou Doc in Vietnam, it is a 32 metric ton balancing piece held together with mortise and tenon joints only. The large half circle is of marble, the rest is of granite. Completed in 45 days, it was really an extraordinary marker in Hildebrand’s overseas work.

He says of it, “I did not know if the piece would balance successfully. I got the crane to assemble the piece on the last day before I was due to fly back home and it all worked. I do admit that my heart was in my throat on that day.”

“A great tension is set up between the curvilinear and geometric forms and force of gravity between the balancing of such huge elements. There is a dynamic inter-relationship of solid masses and planes in space in perfect tension in this work, a symbol of power and energy.” – Patricia Ainslie, Okanagan Artists in their Studios — Published by Frontenac House

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