Sculpture Repair & Restoration

Museum-quality repair and restoration of any size and medium: bronze, stainless steel, iron, concrete, fibreglass, marble, granite, plaster, terracotta.

My clients range from private collectors to public and private galleries, and municipalities with large public artworks in need of maintenance or repair.

  • Sculpture repair, including ‘bronze disease’
  • Restoration and finishing: hand retouching, airbrushing, re-patination, regrinding, waxing, polishing and lacquering
  • Conservation cleaning
  • Repair of broken elements
  • Sculpting and casting utilizing my own bronze foundry
  • Consultation
  • Scheduled maintenance for municipalities, sculpture parks and private collectors

Wherever possible, when repairing and maintaining others’ creations, I work and consult closely with original artists to ensure integrity and intention of the creation is maintained.

With over 40 years of experience, my restoration team and I find innovative solutions to structural issues, including replicating missing elements, drilling and doweling to strengthen repaired sections, rebuilding internal armatures and creating bespoke external mounting solutions.

Please contact me now to discuss your sculpture repair and restoration needs.