Welcome to Jock Hildebrand’s Travel Page.
This page provides an overview of where Jock has travelled as part of his sculpture-making practices, or to learn about other cultures and their history and artistic talents.


Jock Hildebrand has visited China on a couple of occasions to participate in a Sculpture Conference in Changchun held every couple of years.  During his second visit in 2008, Hildebrand presented a paper on digital sculpting focusing on new technology in sculpture making, including 3-D rendering. It was also an opportunity to spend 3 days in Beijing, including a visit to the Forbidden City.


In 2003 and again in 2005 Hildebrand spent time in Vietnam at a sculpture symposium in Chou Doc on the Mekong Delta.  He completed two sculptures there entitled Water and Your Thoughts Can Set You Free.  Vietnam is one of Hildebrand’s favourite places to visit.  The people are wonderful, the food delicious, and the gentle Buddhist philosophy seems to permeate the culture.

Czech Republic

In the summer of 2007, Hildebrand travelled to Horice in the Czech Republic where he completed a sandstone sculpture in less than a month.  The sculpture Not Primitive is made out of the same sandstone used to build the City of Prague. Horice has been holding sculpture symposiums since the 1960’s and is home to a large sculpture park, featuring sculptures created by artists from around the globe.

Costa Rica

The first Central American Stone Carving Symposium was held in the spring of 2006 and Hildebrand participated, completing a piece entitled Vientos del Sur (South Wind).  The sculpture is now permanently placed on the beach of Puntarenas.  The symposium was part of the town’s efforts to raise their profile and improve their image after some challenges related to drugs and crime.  The women from the local arts council involved in this re-vitalization effort were dedicated, enthusiastic and welcoming.  Their hospitality efforts included bringing baskets of fresh fruit to the work site every afternoon.


Belize is a place both Jock and his wife have fallen in love with, choosing to build a house and own property there as part of a winter get-away. When visiting Belize, you will find them at the Black Orchid Resort in their “Jaguar House”.  They are currently working with the Government of Belize (National Institute for Culture and History – NICH) to plan a sculpture symposium for the fall of 2011.

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