Okanagan Thompson International Sculpture Symposium (OTISS)

Inspired by the Vancouver International Sculpture Symposium of 1975 at the Van Dusen Gardens, Hildebrand began organizing the Okanagan Thompson International Sculpture Symposium (OTISS) in 1999 with only a concept and vision.  After almost 3 years of organizing, involving multiple stakeholders, the vision culminated into an unprecedented 1.8 million dollar event.
The symposium left 20 pieces of monumental art in 8 communities.

Sculpture on Main

After the Okanagan Thompson International Sculpture Symposium, the ‘symposium bug’ was still present in the community of Westbank and this prompted the organizing of 2 smaller symposiums entitled Sculpture on Main.  These projects left a further 14 sculptures for the community to enjoy.

The Cove Lakeside Resort

After the completion of 2 Sculpture on Main events, a local resort was interested in purchasing some of the creations and 4 marble sculptures now grace the grounds surrounding the resort.

Angel Awards (now Okanagan Arts Awards)

In 2006 Hildebrand approached multiple stakeholders with the idea of forming an annual arts awards event to honour local artists in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  This facilitated the formation of the Angel Awards, which were later turned over to the local arts council and re-named the Okanagan Arts Awards.

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